Baron designs and manufactures reciprocating gas compressors for various industries upon request of purchasers and according to the applicable standards such as API-618. In this page few examples of our previous products are given.


1365835678Overhead Vapor Compressor

Revamping and overhaul including design and manufacture of all moving parts and valves.

Location: Oil Refinery






intake pressure: 15 bar

discharge pressure: 210 bar

volume flow rate: 5 m³/min

location: various CNG fueling stations






fNitrogen compressor

intake pressure: 10 bar

discharge pressure: 45 bar

volume flow rate: 3.5 m³/min

location: steel foundary

CO2 shahrekord---

Carbon dioxide compressor

intake pressure 3 bar

discharge pressure 30 bar

volume flow rate: 15 m³/min

location: power plant CO2 capture unit